Built in 1891 and becoming one of only three ‘grand hotels’ in Utah’s history in the 1920’s, The Bigelow is the only one still operating as a hotel. The Bigelow is rich with past and has, throughout the years, maintained much of the original décor that made it so exquisite in the beginning. From marble flooring to ornate chandeliers to elaborate ceilings, you will be transported to the Roaring Twenties the moment you step through the door.

Large-scale remodels and additions have occurred throughout the hotel’s history. In 1927, the building (originally called The Reed Hotel) was completely reworked to make the hotel fireproof. Eleven stories were added and it was renamed the Bigelow Hotel. In 1933, Marriner S. Eccles acquired the hotel and renamed it the Ben Lomond Hotel. Then, in the 1980s, the 350-room hotel was fully renovated and converted to a 120-suite condo/hotel, doing away with the tiny New York-style rooms and creating the large suites and condominiums that remain today. In 2017, the Ben Lomond underwent more extensive renovations and once again became the Bigelow Hotel.

When the Bigelow’s current owners purchased the hotel, they made it their mission to upgrade the entire building to bring in the modern conveniences that make hotel stay comfortable while also restoring it to its original glory, thus bringing back The Bigelow’s reputation for grandeur and full-service operation.